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    Dear everyone, The time has come when we have to say goodbye to our old website and move on to new things.  This website has served us very well over the years, attracting more than 50,000 visits; helping us keep in touch with you all; and acting as a tool for all kinds of communication.  In doing such a good job however, it has become perhaps a little too big, too cluttered and too much of an archive for the needs of our busy school community.  So if you're wanting to catch up with Low Mill 2014, check the diary, or just see what we're all about, please redirect your browser to our NEW WEBSITE!  Please bear in mind that the new site is in it's infancy and lots will be added in the next few weeks.  The new site will soon take the place of this site, although we will keep this one as an archive so you can check back when you feel like a trip down memory lane. Our new website - CLICK HERE
  • Newsletter 6 - 7th November 2014

      Newsletter 6 - Wrap up Warm! Welcome back everyone to a rather grey, cold and wet November.  I really hope you’ve had a good half-term rest and that all the children have recharged their batteries and are ready, for what is always a busy half-term in the run up to Christmas.  As the weather has now taken a rather significant turn for the worst,  please ensure your children are suitably dressed for the season ahead. Many children are coming to school without a proper coat - a zip up hoody is not appropriate for the colder weather and will not keep children dry.  We also have a number of children who are not wearing the correct uniform - our policy and Home School Agreement states that black shoes or plain black trainers should be worn. Unfortunately, children who do not have the correct uniform or suitable clothing will not be able to take part in outside breaks and activities. Children in Need Children in Need is fast approaching us again and this year the theme is Superheroes and Villains. If this is not an option your child may wear something yellow/spotty. The children should come to school in their outfit on Friday 14th November. To raise money for this we would appreciate a donation of £1 if your child wishes to dress up. Please be aware with the weather turning colder that your child will still need to bring something warm to wear. P.E. As the weather is turning colder, it is important that the children bring with them a warm P.E. kit. It is essential that they have full length warm trousers, which are dark in colour (for example jogging bottoms), a warm, dark coloured, jumper style top (for example a fleece/hoody) and trainers. Please can I remind you that we do sell Filey Junior School P.E. Hoodies in the School Office for £10.   Due to having no hall available to us at the moment the children will continue to undertake P.E. outside. It is essential that your child is able to keep warm during these session. Harvest Thank you to everyone who turned out for our Harvest Festival at the end of last term.  We had a packed church and everyone enjoyed sharing our harvest songs and messages.  We collected an excellent range and quantity of produce and I would like to thank you all very much for your donations.  The food we collected was donated to Saint Catherine’s Hospice and they were extremely grateful for the generosity shown. Lingotastic French Pupils are warmly invited to come and enjoy some fun French learning at 'LinGOtastics!' French Club - Two free taster sessions will be held over lunchtime at 12:30pm on Tuesday 25th November (for years 3 & 4) and Wednesday 26th November (for years 5 & 6) in Miss S Robson’s classroom. Children just need to simply turn up! 'LinGOtastics!' is a paid for fun filled extra-curricular activity which promotes French language learning using songs, books, games, puppets, rhymes, stories and craft activities.  Subject to demand, classes will resume in January 2015. Sports Girls' football: A huge well done to the girls' football team for their performance against Seamer this week. We won the match 2 - 0 thanks to some excellent goals from Amber Colling and Bethany Barnes. The girls played brilliantly as a team, and behaviour was excellent. Miss Robson would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the girls for their hard work and commitment on a Friday lunch time and after school. Due to other commitments, she is unable to continue girls' football, but Miss Atkinson has kindly offered to continue the club.   And we finally have the results of the cross-country races!  After 2 events our year 3/4 girls are in 2nd place, year 5/6 girls 2nd place and year 5/6 boys 3rd places.  It’s very close so we must make sure we enter a team in the remaining 3 races! Well done to you all and a big thank you to Mrs Mills, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Bosomworth. Poppies As part of our work around Remembrance Day, every child in school has produced a clay poppy.  These poppies have now been glazed and fired and we are now producing a permanent display on the front of the outside of the the school.  Please take time to have a look - hopefully your child’s poppy will still be there in 100 years time! As always, let us know if you need any help or advice, or if there is anything you want to discuss. Mr H McCarthey & Staff.
  • Class 11

    Welcome to class 11!  Important days to remember: Mondays we are given spellings and times-tables to learn for tests on Fridays. Tuesday and Wednesday we need our P.E. kit (indoor and outdoor please). Fridays we are given a piece of literacy and numeracy homework to complete for the following Monday.  We all need to make sure we bring our spelling books, reading books and reading record every day!!! 
  • Filey Junior School Calculation Policy.

    The following calculation policy has been devised to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 for the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is designed to: Ensure a commonality of approach across the school. Aid transition between stages as understanding develops. Enable children to progress onto formal written methods as understanding develops. Clarify the layout of calculations (and the exact recording of these) across the school. Enable children to appropriately record for understanding using the most efficient written method. The calculation policy is organised into stages which children progress through as their understanding develops. This enables children to be moved onto the next stage as soon as they are ready, or work at a lower stage until they are secure enough to move on. 
  • Newsletter 5 - 17.10.14

    Newsletter 5 - Green Cross Code   I know I have mentioned this several times already this year, but I do need to remind everyone again to please reinforce the message of road safety at home.  We have once again had reports of children not using the crossing facilities appropriately and of children taking risks on the roads.  Next week Mr Kenny, our crossing patrol officer, will be absent on Monday & Tuesday and unfortunately the local authority have not been able to arrange any cover.  I know this may sound very bureaucratic, but unfortunately we are not able to supervise the children crossing ourselves due to matters arising from insurance and appropriate training.  Please ensure you are taking appropriate measures to ensure your child’s safety on the journey to and from school.  Another issue which I need to make you aware of, is that we suspect some children are being dropped off in a morning at school, but they are then walking back into town, perhaps to visit the shops or meet friends, rather than coming directly into school.  If we are aware of specific children doing this, we will of course inform parents, but at the moment I would ask that you ensure your child comes directly into school once they are dropped off.   Parents Evening You will, by now, have received your appointments for Parents Evening (or afternoon if you are attending one of the other times).  As mentioned previously, I will be available in the ICT suite to discuss the technology we are using in school.  I will also be joined by members of Filey Library who would like to demonstrate some of the online resources our children are now able to access both at school and at home.   Harvest Apologies first of all for the short notice, but we are going to hold a last minute Harvest Festival at Filey Methodist Church next Thursday from 1:30pm.  We didn’t think we would be able to hold a service this year as we have not had a hall in school due to the building work for the new canteen.  Children and teachers were keen to put something together however and we have managed to book the church for Thursday afternoon.  This will be a little different to the usual service as we are hoping to take all the children at once to celebrate Harvest; sing some songs and hymns; and announce our Merit Award winners for the term.  You are welcome to join us for this celebration.   Book Fair The Travelling Book Fair will be open in school on Monday and Tuesday evening, straight after school in the main corridor until about 4:30pm.  It will also be open on Tuesday break time.   Sports A big well done this week to our two tag rugby teams on an excellent performance in the Year 5/6 Scarborough area tournament on Tuesday where they finished second!  Also, the Year 5/6 girls' football team were in action against Lindhead and Northstead. Although the girls were beaten in both fixtures, their team spirit and sportsmanship was a credit to them.  And finally, a big thank you to the parents and staff who transported children and came to watch - we couldn't have got there without them so they need a thank you!   Low Mill 2014 Our intrepid Year 6 children will be returning from their adventures at Low Mill today.  The children have been away for the week and have enjoyed a range of activities ranging from getting wet in a river, to getting cold up a mountain, to getting wet and cold in caves.  Due to some issues with YouTube, we had to take some of the video footage down earlier in the week, but you can now catch up with all of their adventures via our website.  Once again, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the new website, please let us know.   Shoe Box Appeal Once again this year we are hoping to fill shoeboxes to send to needy children around the world with "Operation Christmas Child". All the children have seen a DVD of last year's shoeboxes being opened by needy children in Romania. What joy on their faces!  We are encouraging each class to fill 2 boxes, one for a boy and another for a girl. It would be great if children were encouraged to bring just one thing for their class boxes, for example a small toy, a cuddly toy, ball, pens, pencils, crayons, felt pens, notebook, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, woolly hat, gloves, or any other suggestion your child may have (no glass bottles please).  If as a family you would like to fill your own shoebox, Mrs Bosomworth can let you have a box and an information leaflet with all the details. Please return completed boxes to Mrs Bosomworth by 7th November. Thank you in anticipation.   As always, let us know if you need any help or advice, or if there is anything you want to discuss. Mr H McCarthey & Staff.
  • Low Mill III - Getting Tired....

    Another day, another dunking! Breakfast was cereal, waffles, tomato, sausage, bacon and poached egg. Archery, canoeing, bushcraft, abseiling were the daytime activities. Chicken cobbler with vegetables and rice pudding for tea. A village quiz and packing before bed. The children have been a delight to be with all week. True superstars. See you tomorrow, folks. Zzzzzzz.
  • Low Mill III - Soggy Doesn't Cover It!

    Bacon, sausage, hash browns and boiled egg followed cereal to fill our stomachs before Day Three's adventures. Group 3 had the pleasure of Barney's company venturing up Pen-y-Ghent while the others swapped between caving and climbing.  All groups got WET. Great fun though! Massive slabs of pizza, chips, potato salad and coleslaw awaited our return. Chocolate orange trifle followed. The children used their brains for quiz night and have written messages to you! Enjoy. Dear Mum, Col, Marc, Toby and Guppy, Having a lovely time I’m still alive been up massive mountains and had fun. Love from Alix.   Dear mum, dad, caleb, phoebe, grandma and anita, Having an absolute mint time. Done all the stuff I thought I would never be able to do Having lots of fun. Love from Jake J   Dear mum,dad I am having a good time see you when I get back I will tell you the things when I get back Love from Theo       Dear Mum, Dad and Sam, I miss you llooooaaadddss!! But, I am having a great time, and I’ve proved to myself that caving is probably one of the best activities YET and climbing was good because I didn’t even know we were doing it, like bush craft. We’re doing archery and then canoeing tomorrow (to me) and I’m looking forward to coming back but I’m having a good time! JJJ Loads of love, Kian xxxx J                   Dear Mum, Dad and Evie, I am missing you terribly but don’t worry about me I am having a epic time and the best thing so far is caving which is the best thing however I think I will have a even better time doing ab-sailing , hope you are having a great time! LOTS and LOTS of love, Paige xxxxx   Dear, mum , dad, Aaron and Jordan , I am enjoying myself very much, but I am missing all of you very much and I can’t wait to come home, and I went caving and I started crying because I am crossathorpek but after a bit I was fine also I am fine I haven’t hurt myself (yet) xxx lots of lovee Morgan xxxxxxxx Dear Mum and Dad, I am having a great time at low mill. On Monday we did boosh craft and we made our own den and made a fire and with it made bred and roasted marshmallows. Today we did caving and it was amazing, some of the spaces were really small and we just about made it through. Hope youre having a good time in Filey. From Jake C   Dear Mum and Dad,   I am enjoying my time at Low Mill, On Monday we went to a forest and did a activity called Bush Crafting, we made a tent from wooden sticks and we also made a fire, we roasted marshmallows and made bread, fruit bread and plain. I did caving and got wet in the streams and rapids. Iv having a good time and hope you are too. Love From Nia xx   Dear dad and Anna, At the moment I am enjoying everything we have done so far. The first day we got to low mill we unpacked our things and went on a night walk. We also went up the tallest mountain in Yorkshire. Today we went climbing and I was the first person to go up to the top first. Then we went down caves and some of the part of the cave was very hard to get throw. Love you lots Holly xxx Dear mum and dad At the moment I am am having fun Toddy we went caving and we went down a muddy silde and there were a maser puddle at the bottom and got wet. Lots of love from Jessicaxx   Dear mum  Yesterday we went climbing up a mountain it was quite hard but when we got to the top I was relived. Lots of love lizzie xxx   Dear: Mum, Dad, Dermot, Mia, Tadhg, Pippa, Lori, I’ve had a wonderful time and I loved the caving  however, I’ve been missing you – a lot! From Eoin.   To Mum, Dad, Ellie, I’m having a great time at Low Mill and I’m getting a Low Mill cooking book for you Mum. At caving today I was a bit nervous but it turned out okay. I hope your alright and I’ll see you on Friday. From Sam S   Dear Mum, Dad, Sid Having a great time it was a few hours to get up pennygent mountain I am having a great time at Low Mill it is really good hope your having a good time at home. From Sam H Dear Mum, Dad, Violet I’m having a great time at low mill. Today me and the rest of the group went caving and climbing. I’m really missing you a lot and I hope your having fun at home. From Saxon D Dear mum and dad Miss you lots I am having an amazing  time at low as we climbed the amazing penny gent yesterday. From Chloe   Dear Mum, Dad and Sophie, I am missing you lots but having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Is Sophie lonely? From Hannah   Dear Cows, I am missing you so much! Say hi to mum and dad for me. Love from Lara xxxx   Dear family , Had a head ace in the cave alright still Lots of love Kaine xxxx   Dear family Having a great time in low mill From Harrison   Dear Mum, Dad, Kell and Max, I hope you are all okay and well. I am having a great time in Low Mill, still alive and having fun. We have climbed a mountain and we have abseiled, gone caving and climbed.  I love you all loads, from Kai J     Dear Mum and taryn  I am having a great time at low mill, I hope your all ok(including Alfie and jax). I am exhausted from climbing  pen-y-eghent . Love you loads from megan   Dear Daddy and Natalie, I’m having a great time. Today, I climbed Pen-Y-Ghent. Happy B day Lewis, see you on Friday, don’t be jealous daddy I’ve only done caving, climbing, hiking, a night walk and abseiling,  bushcraft tomorrow and canoeing on Friday, Izzy xxx <3    8-B. Dear Mum and Dad, Today we climbed mount Pen-y-Ghent we had great fun fortunately I am still in one peace. Yesterday we were caving it was astonishing because there was a slide. The day before we absailed down a bridge. Lots of love Owen.   Dear mum, having fun love skye.   Dear dad  cant wait to see you love jessi   Dear  mum,dad,lexi and kylie. Missing you lots, Love Shakira.   Dear mum, Miss you lots Pen-y-Ghent was very wet. From Sam K   Dear family of long away, I’m enjoying my stay hope you’re ok From Tom   Dear family hope your all okay From Josh   Dear mum and dad   I hope you are okay love from Brooklyn 
  • Low Mill III - Highs and Lows!

    After a hearty breakfast of cereal, fried eggs, bacon, potato smiles and toast, the group split into two. One section climbed the heady heights of Pen-y-Ghent (694m above sea level) whilst the other group climbed the wall before being plunged deep underground! We enjoyed a roast beef dinner and strawberry mousse after which we enjoyed the egg challenge. Using limited materials we designed and made a device to (hopefully) protect an egg from a fall. We are so proud of our children who are incredibly brave and adventurous. Tomorrow we will be swapping activities. Bring it on!  
  • Low Mill III - This Time It's Windier!

    Day One - A great journey (only two sick bags filled) found a good chunk of Year Six arrive safely at Low Mill. After the annual wrestle with duvet covers, lunch was eaten. Massive thanks for the Low Mill team for rustling up lunches for the four who forgot theirs!     We split into our groups: abseiling, bushcraft and archery for a fun-packed afternoon. Fish, chips and peas, followed by treacle sponge and custard warmed us up before our spooky night walk.    Tiredness and a competitive streak meant that all children were desperate to get to sleep after drinking their hot chocolate! Mountain climbing, caving and rock climbing await us tomorrow!      
  • Newsletter 04 - 3rd October

    Newsletter 4 - A Big Thank You   I was very pleased to receive a letter from our Chair of Governors earlier this week.  The letter detailed a meeting between the Chair and a parent, held at the parent’s request, in which the parent thanked and praised the school and a number of teachers and staff for the hard work, care and attention given towards her children.  I have to say that this meeting and the letter we received has given the whole staff a real lift.  I know that many of our staff work very long hours and I’m often discussing school with them (via emails, text etc.) late into the evening.  This is a reflection of the commitment and work  which they put into providing an excellent quality of education and care to your children.  Obviously, we don’t get everything right every time, but everyone in school does give 100%.  I think it’s very important that we acknowledge this every once in a while and say thank you to everyone in school and thank you to those who support us.   Parent’s Evening You should be receiving slips to book appointments with your child’s class teacher in the next few days.  Parents’ Evening will be on Monday 20th October with other slots available throughout that week.  The Parents’ Evening will be a good opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, their targets, and how they have settled in to the new school year.   I will be available in the ICT suite, throughout the evening of the Monday to demonstrate some of the IT services which children are now accessing in school and, of course, to answer any questions you may have.   Jewellery & Nail Varnish Just a brief reminder that children should not wear any jewellery, makeup or nail varnish for school.  We do make an exception for watches and ‘stud’ earrings, but children must remove these for PE and it is the child’s responsibility to look after them.  Please do not allow children to wear any hoop, dangling or large stud earrings as these pose a health and safety risk and we would need to ask children to remove these.     We don’t have many children around school using makeup, but we do, quite often, need to speak to children regarding nail varnish.  Please ensure that if your child is using nail varnish that it is fully removed for school. Website We are currently in the process of redesigning our Website.  I’d like your ideas and thoughts about this and how we can provide you with a useable web presence.  If you have any ideas or thoughts, please let me know - phone, in person or email. Building Update Our canteen is moving at a pace now and every week we see another phase completed.  This week we have a roof!  The builders have been working long hours and have erected the timber roof structure which will be tiled next week.  I am reliably informed that we are on target for our October 31st completion date and we’re now wanting to involve the children a little more in the interior design of the canteen.   Maths A big thank you to Miss Randell who invited parents along to a Maths evening last night.  She has asked me to pass on this message: “A huge thank you to the parents and children (especially our invaluable staff and volunteers) who attended the Calculation Drop-in yesterday. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some new parents and discuss opportunities to become more involved in your child's mathematical learning. If you were unable to attend and you have any questions, or would just like to be more involved, feel free to get in touch; we're always happy to have parents on board! In light of discussions from the Open Evening, I feel it is important to point out the use of Mathletics and Sumdog. These are fantastic internet based resources which the school pay for so children can access them both in school and at home. Each child has a login and password which enables them to use the service. All Teachers set weekly Mathletics tasks to extend and support children's learning. We hope you will support us by helping your child access these websites to complete these tasks. Children who don't have access to the Internet are welcome to attend lunchtime Mathletics clubs so they can still access the resource     Miss A.Randell”   As always, let us know if you need any help or advice, or if there is anything you want to discuss. Mr H McCarthey & Staff.
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Class 9

Welcome to Class 9

 - click for full size image

Welcome to the Class 9 home page!

 We are a Year six class, taught by Mr Grice.

PE is on Monday and Friday.

We get Maths and English homework given out on Friday to be handed in on Monday.

In addition to this we are given spelling homework on Monday to be submitted on Friday. We should be reading every night and learning number facts and multiplication tables (if we haven't already learned them by heart!) is great for practising times tables and division tables. Tasks are regularly set on



Marvellous Malton

 - click for full size image

Last week Malton School kindly invited us to take part in Science and PE sessions.

We learned about electricity and electrons, the Van de Graaff generator showing some hair-raising results!


Treasure Island!

 - click for full size image

Below you will find links to the lyrics and songs for you to learn.

Quickly now: we need to set sail soon.

Fail to learn them and you'll be walking the plank...


This week's homework...


WORLD CUP RESEARCH: Find out about your given team!

You can download the basic research sheet below. However, remember a prize is available for the best project so be creative!

This week's READING, SPaG and Maths homework is below.

If the dog has eaten it (or aliens have beamed it up) you may get another copy below...

Don't forget you have spellings to learn for next Friday.

Get your Mathletics certificate by earning over 1000 points at

Revise Spelling and Grammar at 

Revise Maths at 


Photoshop Fun!

 - click for full size image

This term we have been exploring what we can create with Photoshop.

We have carefully edited and combined pictures, changing size, colour, opacity (making images seem ghostly) and smudging lines to blend images together.

Take a look at some of our results so far...


Magnificent Music

 - click for full size image

This week we have been composing music using the chime bars.

Some of us used the pentatonic scale (removing the B and F notes) but the rest of us used the full octave (all eight notes from low C to high C).

Our tunes were four bars long, using repeated rhythms. We played crotchets (one beat in length) and minims (two beats). We will be continuing to work on composing and we will be investigating chords.



Please note, all content from here down is from the last academic year.

super sound science

 - click for full size image

An investigation into sounds led to some great work outside and we also got to use this sound sensor

( thanks Megan!)



Please Note: Articles below this point are from the previous year(s) in Class 9


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Homework: Learn the lyrics for next week!

  • ******************     SONG 1 : MY JOURNEY  ****************

    When I was born my journey had begun!

    When I was one I had my nappy on!

    When I was two I grew and grew! When I was three I liked to read!

    When I was four I learned to paint and draw!

    When I was five I went to school full time!

    When I was six I made a poem rhyme

    When I was seven life was good, playing in the dirt and mud!

    When I was eight I climbed trees in the wood!

    When I was nine the world was mine!

    When I was ten I made new friends

    And now it's time to make new friends again!


    SONG: ************* NO MORE SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER *************


    Children:  There's no more school for the summer

    Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

    We don't have to see those teachers

    For six weeks and a day

    The days will be warm! The sun will be high!

    There'll be cotton wool clouds sailing slowly in the summer sky

    And we'll play all day!  And we'll play all day!


    Teachers:   There's no more school for the summer

    Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

    We don't have to see those children

    For six weeks and a day

    We'll sleep all we want! In bed we will lie!

    There'll be cotton wool clouds sailing slowly in the summer sky

    And we'll play all day!  And we'll play all day!


    ***************  SONG: MILESTONE ***************


    Striding forward every day! All the time we're learning!

    Finding new things on the way! On this life's great journey!

    Hey!  We're on our way!  And yes it's sad for us to leave

    Hey!  We're on our way!  It is sad but do not grieve!

    Hey we're on our way and it's a time for celebration!

    Hey we're on our way to a brand new destination! 


    Oh how the years have flown!  We never realised how much we'd grown! 

    Oh how the years have flown!  We've reached another milestone!  (Repeat All)


    ************** FINALE SONG: “TIME TO GO” ***************** (ALL ON STAGE)


    The summer time is coming!  And soon we will be leaving!

    It's nearly time to go! And we have got mixed feelings!

    Time to go.  Yes it's time to go! 

    The summer time is coming And we are moving on! 

    So it's goodbye dear friends And then we will be gone! 

    Time to go.  Yes, it's time to go! 

    And we'll all go together!  And though we'll miss you so

    It's such a big adventure!

    Time to go!  Yes it's time to go!  

  • Read your books;
  • Learn your Maths KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) and times tables; Use to help.
  • Learn your spellings. A sheet for practice is issued on Friday, but you should practise all week. (A list is found in the Read More below.)
  • You should be earning 1000 points each week on working through exercises and practise your mental maths by using Live Mathletics. You stuck your username and password in your little green book. Remember you can use and your log-in details are in your little green homework book.

Try this science activity on changes of materials:

Here's some practice using apostrophes:

Have a look at this logic problem page. They're a real challenge!

Try these there, their, they're games:

This is a link to practise lots of English skills:

Try to use the phonetic alphabet that we use when playing hangman!


Persuasive Power

Once more we wrote to our favourite celebrities, hoping that they would visit Filey Junior School. Although this has yet to happen, we are starting to receive replies and little treats...

River Rappers

Before Christmas we wrote some raps about rivers. We combined our knowledge and technical vocabulary about rivers that we had learned in geography lessons with our rhythm and rhyme from poetry.

We hope you like the results...


Homer Haikus

 - click for full size image

This week we have been writing haikus, a form of Japanese poetry. Haikus consist of three lines: the first has five syllables, the second has seven and the last has five. We decided to write haikus about Homer Simpson. What do you think?

Sat on the sofa

Snoring so very loudly

Holding Duff beer tight

by Freja Jones

Rotund and funny

Extra large and so lazy

A massive dummy

By Alex Freeburn

As Homer drinks beer

Sitting with his selfish son

Strangling Bart Simpson.

By Bradley Gregory

Lazy and funny

Rotund and fat as a bus

Drunk, crazy, big eyed

By Cameron Cole


Funny, selfish, fat

Loves to be on the sofa

He likes to drink Duff

By Casey Lawrence

Thick, selfish and drunk

In Springfield. agitated,

Funny, big headed.

By Jacob Head


Dumb, lazy, funny

Selfish curser, chaotic

Hilarious fat

by Jacob Stevenson


Choc doughnuts in tum

Extra large sofa for him

The fat yellow blob

By James W and Mathew Stephenson


Hes a doughnut head

Hilarious and funny

Yellow big eyed man

By Joe Clark


Drunken and funny

Extra large clothing needed

Yellow and rotund

By Liam H


Thick, selfish, lazy

Rotund, fatter than a pig,

Very funny too!

Lucy F and Shannon-Lee Horsfall

Dumb and extra-large,

Man loves to get drunk on Duff,

Fat man, idiot

By Nathan Cusick


He is a doughnut

A tall haired, wise wife has he,

Rotund and stupid.

By Owain Barnett


Yellow, smelly, bad

Horrible, ungrateful, sad

Love Duff man burping…

By Ellis Edward Jones


Likes drinking Duff Beer

Extremely hilarious

Big fat dumb Homer

By Lucy Biggins


Messages to our residential friends...

Liam: Hi you guys. We have just watched your blog. Looks like you’re having fun. Wish I was there. Missing you lots.


Bradley: Hi guys. Missing you all…not! Just kidding! Have fun, stay safe.


Joe: Hiya! Hope you’re having fun. Tommy should be ashamed of herself for hitting people with her torch. Tut, tut, tut! P.S. Don’t be arguing, Harry and Lauren.


James W: Missing you lots and lots.


Casey: Hi. Hope you will have a good time. We will miss you all, even Harry and James! I liked seeing your rooms.


Nathan: Missing you all loads.


Jacob S: Hi. Hope you have a good time. It’s hard to work without the noise.


Cameron: Hello everyone, hope you are having a great time. Miss you. We’re doing some stuff for the Christmas Fair. I like the video!


Freja: Hey guys! I’m missing you. It’s different without you – the classroom feels empty. Good luck!


Ellis: Hi all! I hope you’re all having fun. The video is good. I love your rooms. I like the bunk beds. Missing you!


Alex: Hi. Miss you all. Hope you have fun. P.S. Mally, I hope you enjoy your drink! : )


Shannon: Hello my friends. I am missing everyone loads. It’s not the same without you. Have a good time. Hugs and kisses (not for the teachers!)


Lucy F: Hi everybody! Missing you all. You have amazing rooms. Awesome blog!


Lucy B: Hey guys! Missing you all. Looks like a nice place. Get ready for a big hug when you’re back. Have fun… x : )


Owain: Having a great time. We bet you are. Have you got a good room? Harry, what are you getting up to?


Jacob H: Hi! What are your activities today?


Matt: Hello! What are you up to?


Nat: Hello!

Pretty In Pink!

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To raise money for breast cancer charities, Class 9, like the rest of the school, wore lots of pink!

Don't they look gorgeous?

Clever with Clay

Class 9 have been trying out new skills with the tile cutter in order to make tiles displaying self portraits.

Zumba Fun!

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Zoe Zumba recently came to keep us fit whilst having fun.

Look at our marvellous movers in action!


The Power Of Persuasion

After hearing of a girl who wrote to Johnny Depp and persuaded him to visit her school, Class 8 thought they would try the same thing by writing to their heroes.

So far we have had replies from assistants of The Stig and the Prime Minister. Ellery was lucky enough to also receive a signed photograph of the Leeds manager with his reply. Bradley was pleasantly surprised by a box full of goodies from his favourite band, The Killers. Emily D has heard from The Queen's Lady-In-Waiting too! Lydia has a signed photo of Rita Simons and Ashley C has the same but from Lewis Hamilton.

We are eagerly waiting for the post in the hope that we will receive more replies.

You never know, someone famous may treat us to a visit if we have been persuasive enough!

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Flamborough Fun!

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We had a damp and windy day at Flamborough, but the weather failed to dampen our spirits. Class 8 were superb and had lots of fun learning about the lighthouse and exploring Flamborough's North Landing. Thanks to all our adult helpers and to Class 7 for sharing the trip with us.


It's All Greek To Us!

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We have worked very hard with Mrs. Bosomworth to make a delicious Greek feast. Class Five invaded (not in a Trojan horse) to taste its delights. Mr. Grice thought that the tiny blob of hummus that Class Five left for him was gorgeous.



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Last week we ventured down to the beach to learn some beach safety tips from RNLI representative, Sally Mills. The weather was gorgeous (if you like fog) and we learned a lot.


Sport Relief Fun!

Our class raised over £25. Well done!

We enjoyed the skipathon and running on the beach.

Here are a few photos from the skipathon:

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Road Safety Poetry Workshop Day

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We had great fun listening to poet Bernard Young perform his poems on Wednesday March 17th. Road Safety Rob also delivered important reminders and they both helped us to write some poems:



By Megan Biggins


On my way to school,

I saw these boys trying to be cool!

Playing football,


The ball’s in the road here comes a lorry carrying a load!

The boy runs over for the ball,

Then he trips and he falls!

Gets hit on the head,

Now he’s dead!


That goes to show,

You should…

Stop, look, listen and live,

Stop, look, listen and live,

Stop, look, listen and live.


In The Car

By Shenel Biggins, Anzanna Lincoln and Lydia Pooley

Dad, Dad, Dad,

Put your seatbelt on,

If you crash, you’ll be gone,

Dad, Dad, Dad.


Mum, Mum, Mum,

Don’t you text you’ll never know,

What will happen next,

Mum, Mum, Mum.


Bro, Bro, Bro,

Turn your music down,

The driver can’t concentrate,

In the busy town.

Bro, Bro, Bro.


Sis, Sis, Sis,

Don’t fiddle with the door,

If you fall, you won’t fiddle anymore,

Sis, Sis, Sis.


Stop That!

 By Ashley C, Sam and Bayley


Dad, Dad, stop that chat

Or else you will go kasplat

And you won’t like that!

Why don’t you help your family to avoid being blue?


My Road Safety Poem

By Tiegan & Emily


Drink and drive,

Drink and drive,


Drink and drive.                    


Boom, Boom, Bash, Bash! 

You will die in a crash.

Mum, mum

Don’t text your mates

You really need to concentrate 


Sis, sis

You’re risking our lives

Wear your seat belt

Or we won’t survive


Bro, bro

Stop kicking that ball

Don’t do it in the car 

Do it in the hall.


Tim, Tim,

Stop that barking in the boot

You will put off the driver



Family Warnings

By Scott Gibson, Jack Vernon and Connor Mills


Dad, Dad, don’t be sad,
Please slow down, Don’t drive like mad!


Dad, Dad, please think,

You can’t drive and have a drink!


Road Safety Poem

by Fraser Haddington

and Douglas Ward



       Monday – no helmet when I rode my bike,

I cut my head on a massive spike.

       Tuesday - lost my ball behind a parked car,

 I ran after it and narrowly missed a car.

       Wednesday - I had no seatbelt on while putting the driver off,

 we nearly crashed into oncoming traffic which made my father cross.

       Thursday - didn’t use the lollipop man,

He wasn’t happy at all,

This almost resulted in death for me as a car crashed into a wall.

       Friday - was texting while riding my bike,

I lost control and crashed into a light.

       Saturday - was safe I was seen,

I wore fluorescent green.

       Sunday - I’d learnt my lesson after all the bad things I’d done,

I rode the zebra crossing and now it is so much fun.


Road Safety Poem

Alister Jones


Dad, Dad, please don’t eat,

Keep your eyes on the street.


Mum, Mum, please don’t text,

You nearly crashed into Next.


Sis, Sis, please stop talking,

Didn’t you see that person walking?


Dad, Dad, don’t drink or drive,

Because I want you to stay alive.


Look, Listen, Live!


by Jade Kaye, Natasha Vernon, Helena Yeadon  


Dad, dad,


Put your hands on the wheel,

Look ahead and straight!


Mum, mum,


When you crash it will scold,

Please do think!


Bro, bro,

Turn your music down low,

Do you want us to crash

Or get safely home?


Sis, sis,

Please don’t shout,

The driver will crash,

Without a doubt!


Peeps, peeps,

Learn the safety code,

Look Listen Live!

Don’t die on the road!



Road Safety Poem

By Ellery Liley & Ashley Harrison


Dad, dad put your seatbelt on,

If we crash you’ll be gone

Dad, dad put your seatbelt on!


Mum, mum slow down now,

Or we’ll all be saying ciao.

Mum, mum slow down now!


Sister, sister stop hitting me,

Or you could cause a big injury

Sister, sister stop hitting me!


Brother, brother listen to me,

Before you cause a tragedy

Brother, brother listen to me!


Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother please be safe altogether.


My Last Day – Maisie Robinson


Wake up this morning full with glee,

Open the door and like what I see,

Out of the gate and on to the drive,

I’m off to my mates to watch Famous Five,

But as I cross the silent road,

I see a miserable lonely toad,

As I reach out to meet a new friend,

A speedy car comes round the bend,

When I finally see the Rolls Royce,

It’s too late, my last day wasn’t so nice!


Bad Family

By Rebecca Brown & Sophie Cusick


Dad, dad,

Please don’t text,

I don’t want you to die,

Cause if you do,

You’ll make us cry.


Mum, mum,

Do NOT eat,

You will end up in a heap.


Sister, sister,

Put your seatbelt on!

You’ll fly out the window and you’ll be gone.


Brother, brother,

Please don’t annoy,

Dad turned around and almost hit that boy.